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34 Questions CEO's Should Ask

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

About Their Customer Service Organization.

Customer Service & Customer Experience

  1. What level of service do we provide to customers who contact our Customer Care Center?

  2. What is our FCR rate by center and by each line of business for the last 12 months?

  3. How is our FCR (First Call Resolution) calculated and why?

  4. How do we measure customer satisfaction? (Self-reported, surveys, QA, etc.)

  5. What is our NPS by center and line of business by month for the last 12 months? How is it calculated?

Quality & Compliance

  1. Do our customer calls, email and chats get recorded? Do they get transcribed?

  2. What level of quality review or frequency is applied to telephone, email and chat transactions? (add social media as required).

  3. What percent of transactions are reviewed by an independent member of a Quality Assurance (QA) team?

  4. What is the number of QA staff assigned to the customer care center? If no dedicated staff are assigned, what amount of staff time is dedicated to this function?

  5. How many quality or compliance failures do you detect each month? What is the impact of those failures on your customers and your company?

  6. What are the centers quality scores for the last six months?

  7. How is the QA scorecard reported and by whom?


  1. What does it cost to hire and train an agent to get them to a level of independent productivity on the most straightforward calls, emails or chat? What about the most challenging interactions?

  2. How long, on average, do our Agents stay in their role? Detail by the line of business.

  3. What level of occupancy do we run at your customer care center?

  • By center

  • by the line of business at each center.

  • What level of seat occupancy do we achieve on a daily average and at peak times.

4. Have you looked at operating the contact center at a lower cost location and or offshore location? What were the findings?

5. What are our wage costs and “all in” costs for an agent on shift?

6. How do we measure the efficiency costs of your staff and your facilities?

Human Resources

  1. What is the average tenure of a Customer Service Agent?

  2. Who and how many people have been promoted out of the contact center? What role did they go into, and in what part of the business?

  3. What leadership training do you provide to your front line and first-time managers?

  4. How do we rate their contributions to the servicing of your customers in your organization?

  5. Do we have a program that allows for home-based agents? Please explain.

  6. What is our attrition rate in percentage by voluntary and involuntary reasons for the last 12 months? The number should be against the total number of staff with tenure higher than one day.

  7. Please detail attrition by tenure (voluntary and involuntary) and by center for the last year.

  8. How do the contact center employee satisfaction surveys compare to the rest of our business?

  9. What is the biggest challenge in recruiting new agents?

Data / Insights / Reporting

1. Is transactional data captured on each customer interaction? What is captured?

2. How is this data used or treated within the organization when it relates to:

  • QA

  • Agent Feedback

  • Business Trends

  • Customer follow-up

  • Cost Analysis

  • Sales / Marketing

  • Process alignment

  • Customer Issue (Issue tracking)

  • Customer data (Company name, revenue, contact, etc.)

  • List others as needed

3. What reporting data produced from the call center?

  • Detail the metrics

  • Outline the frequency

4. Are there any published objectives and corresponding key results for the contact center?


  1. What value has the Customer Care Center provided to rest of the organization, apart from supporting customers? Please provide detail for these areas:

  • insights on products failures

  • service issues

  • distribution challenges

  • dealer support matters

  • logistics

  • Increases in sales

  • Maintaining of revenue

2. How does the organization help the Customer Care Center team?

3. How many senior managers (and above) have visited any one of our Customer Care Centers in the last six months and listened to calls for a least one hour?

If you think I missed some important questions, please drop me a note. If I post it, you'll get the credit for it.

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