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The Daily WFM - Operations Checklist

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

If used consistently, the Huddle Checklist will bring out information and drive conversations about the critical aspects of your business. These conversations will inform participants and start appropriate and proactive activities that will enhance the service within your contact center.

This part is essential: This list should be modified and updated when the team experiences an issue that catches them by surprise.

Here is the checklist that I encourage you to use:

What date & time is being discussed. Service Level achieved yesterday and so far today. Service Level Insights - Why was it missed? Why is it being missed? Service Level Planned - For the day and by line of business and queue priority.

AHT Actual - Use data from your phone system. AHT as forecasted by the Operations team by location and line of business. AHT that WFM has forecasted by team, location and line of business (if different). AHT - Operation leaders to comment when they are out of plan and what steps are being taken to move AHT back into plan.

Schedule Adherence by location. Operation leaders to comment when they are out of plan and what steps are being taken to move SA back into the plan.

Call Volume yesterday - Which queue(s) were materially over/under the plan. Call Volume for today. Comment on exceptions or busy periods for today. WFM to provide insights.

If your center does email or chat service add these items to the list

Email/Chat volume yesterday. Email/Chat volume expected today. Email/Chat - Operations to comment if response time is within the plan. Call out any issues/concerns/staffing challenges.

Absent against plan by location (%). Vacation planned by location (%). Absent reported for today. State number of people by location. Operations leaders to comment on absent if above plan and efforts being made to recover lost hours.

Overtime hours needed. Overtime hours booked. Discuss the opportunity to secure more hours if needed

Attrition - Any known or suspected attrition. Information from Operations is needed. Queues staffed - WFM to validate that all queues have staff scheduled and assigned for the day. Systems issues - Known or reported by site. Discuss impacts & action plans. Back office issue/delays – Will call volume be impacted? Do we know, have we asked? Weather issues - Known or reported by site. Discuss impacts & action plans.

This list is not static – it needs to be updated or modified when the WFM, Operations or Business teams learn that they need more information about an aspect of the business that can help to improve service.

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