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WFM - Shrinkage Checklist

Updated: Mar 1

Every contact center suffers from shrinkage. Shrinkage is the amount of time an agent will lose during their scheduled shift. Time is lost due to a number of different factors. I have listed out the major shrinkage drivers below.

Anytime I use a percentage amount, consider it as an estimate. Your situation may be different. Different countries and companies have different laws and different rules.

The important thing is to capture all the things that cause your center to lose Agent hours. Knowing this will improve your forecasting and scheduling accuracy.

Agent Shrinkage Time 1. Lunch / Breaks | Plan for 11.11% | Required by Law

2. Late starting a shift (use current trending) 3. Leaving a shift early (use current trending) 4. Absent / Sick time. Company paid time - 7.40% vs. unpaid time - 9.00% (remember weekends tend to be higher) 5. Unplanned Attrition (use current trending) 6. Vacation Time, plan for ~2% annually. Summer season tends to require higher allocation %. 7. Holiday's - National, local and company (plan for a % of time) 8. Protected time, some would call it Medical Leave, Leave of absent, short term disability, etc (plan for a % of time)

Agent Productive (working) time lost due to: 1. Team Meetings (plan for 1.06%) 2. 1-2-1 Meetings (plan for 0.51%) 3. Quality Reviews (plan for 0.26%) 4. Internal Meeting (plan for ?? %) 5. Product Training (plan for ??%) 6. Company Training (plan for?? %) 7. System Issues (plan for 0.35%) 8. Personal Time (plan for 1.77 %)

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